Syracuse Indoor
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Syracuse, NY
November 30th, 2018

Only participants who finished the feature event are listed in their finishing order. These results are preliminary. If results listed here conflict with those announced at the track, the results as announced override what you see here (and please let us know about any mistakes). Our apologies in advance for the spelling mistakes on driver names. Corrections should be sent to

Jr Champ Flathead Blue
1.Cowen Carroll (20c)Oswego, NY
Jr Champ Flathead Purple
1.Daniel Harding (38)Fairfield, ME
2.Connor Crane (711)Canaan, CT
3.AJ Vanderpool (17)Sayre, PA
Jr Stock
1.Chase Keister (12)Penns Creek, PA
2.Taylor Wason (07)Middle Grove, NY
Jr Sportsman Purple
1.Colt Kimball (2)Chadwicks, NY
2.Connor Crane (711)Canaan, CT
3.Braxton Martin (09)N. Adams, MA
4.Behr Grover (34)Branchport, NY
Jr Restricted Gold
1.Logan Crisafolli (88)Oswego, NY
2.Taylor Wason (41)Middle Grove, NY
3.Seth Whitney (505)Adams Center, NY
4.Owen Bird (12)Fulton, NY
5.Dylan Begy (100)Williamson, NY
6.Sydney Wetherbee (117)Dansville, NY
Jr Sportsman Turquoise Heavy
1.Nigel Pendykoski (78)Niagara Falls, ON
2.Behr Graer (34)
3.DNSColt Kimball (2)Chadwicks, NY
Stock Medium
1.Tyler Thompson (98)Fulton, NY
2.Ryan Kendall (16s)Delmar, NY
3.Jordan Hill (51)Warrensburg, NY
4.Kyle Joseph (88)Lockport, NY
5.Jed Costello (54)Wellsville, NY
6.John Palmieri (33)
7.Prestyn Brown (16)Tunkhannock, PA
Stock Heavy
1.Doug Stearly (3)Hephzibah, GA
2.Trevor Teats (07)Kreamer, PA
3.Alex Carmody (41)Horseheads, NY
4.Max McLaughlin (8)Romulus, NY
5.Lyndsey Thurston (05)Cape Vincent, NY
6.Kolby Schroder (99)Stoatsburg, NY
7.DNSTyler Brown (17)Mifflintown, PA
Stock Super Heavy
1.Jason Moll (10x)Seneca Falls, NY
2.Brian DaCosta (206)Lehighton, PA
Unlimited 4-Cycle
1.Joey Scanlon (76)Salem, NH
2.Rich Skora (78)Eden, NY
3.Nick Janvrin (14)Haverhill, MA
4.Kevin Ward (13)Port Leyden, NY
5.Rich Bentley (73)Spafford, NH
6.DNSTommy Markham (21)Constableville, NY
7.DNSDaniel Herring (13h)Port Leyden, NY
Masters 4-cycle
1.Jeremy Tuttle (54)Schoharie, NY
2.Doug Grimaldi (5)Frankfort, NY
3.Clark McCollum (3)Glen Spey, NY
4.Rich Gamrod (22)Honeoye, NY
5.David Carpenter (14)Elmira, NY
6.DNSKevin Ward (13)Port Leyden, NY
Pro 4-Cycle
1.Tyler Brown (17)Mifflintown, PA
2.Doug Stearly (3)Hephzibah, GA
3.Tyler Thompson (98)Fulton, NY
4.Kyle Joseph (88)Lockport, NY
5.Jeremy Tuttle (54)Schoharie, NY
6.Jordan Hill (51)Warrensburg, NY
7.Ryan Kendall (16s)Delmar, NY
8.Kolby Schroder (99)Stoatsburg, NY
9.DNFMax McLaughlin (8)Romulus, NY
10.DNFTrevor Teats (07)Kreamer, PA
11.DNFLyndsey Thurston (05)Cape Vincent, NY
Jr Clone Blue
1.Logan Crisafolli (88)Oswego, NY
2.Gunnar Zeiner (76)Bath, PA
3.Owen Bird (12)Fulton, NY
4.Taylor Wason (41)Middle Grove, NY
5.Seth Whitney (505)Adams Center, NY
6.Dylan Begy (100)Williamson, NY
7.Nigel Pendykoski (78)Niagara Falls, ON
LO206 Green
1.Lachlan Christie (99)Buffalo, NY
2.Holly Thiel (4)Canandaigua, NY
Jr Champ Clone Green
1.Connor Crane (711)Canaan, CT
2.Daniel Harding (38)Fairfield, ME
3.Alyssa Vanderpool (66)Sayre, PA
4.Colt Kimball (2)Chadwick, NY
5.Philip Alaimo V (100)
Clone Light
1.Tia Moppert (14)Gowanda, NY
2.Kayla Joseph (44)Lockport, NY
3.John Palmieri (33)
4.Ryan Kendall (165)Delmar, NY
5.Jordan Hill (51)Warrensburg, NY
6.Tyler Thompson (98)Fulton, NY
7.Jon Keister (17)Mifflinburg, PA
Clone Super Heavy
1.Josh Ostrander (41)Parish, NY
2.Caleb Colloca (14)Oswego, NY
3.Jason Moll (10x)Seneca Falls, NY
Jr Clone Unrestricted
1.Seth Whitney (505)Adams Center, NY
Jr Clone Green
1.Carmine Calimeri (1)
2.Behr Grover (34)Branchport, NY
3.Braxton Martin (09)N. Adams, MA
4.Connor Crane (71)Canaan, CT
5.Colt Kimball (2)Chadwick, NY
6.DNSTyler Paige (22T)Locke, NY
Clone Heavy
1.Doug Stearly (3)Hephzibah, GA
2.Jon Keister (17)Mifflinburg, PA
3.Tyler Thompson (98)Fulton, NY
4.Trevor Teats (07)Kreamer, PA
5.Nate Schultzkie (3X)Oswego, NY
6.Jeremy Tuttle (54)Schoharie, NY
7.Devon Tonkin (15)Oswego, NY
8.Alex Carmody (41)Horseheads, NY
9.Lyndsey Thurston (05)Cape Vincent, NY
10.McAndrew Gamrod (22)Honeoye, NY
11.DNFMax McLaughlin (8)Romulus, NY
Jr Champ Animal Black Hvy
1.Chase Keister (12)Penns Creek, PA
2.Prestyn Brown (16)Taughannock, PA
Jr Champ Clone Purple
1.Cowen Carroll (20c)Mexico, NY
2.Anthony Vanderpool (17)Sayre, PA
3.Justin Teresak (78)WHS, NJ
Champ Animal
1.Tyler Thompson (220)Fulton, NY
2.Tyler Brown (98)Mifflintown, PA
3.Prestyn Brown (7)Taughannock, PA
4.Dennis Williams (61)Bloomsburg, PA
5.Makaila May (9)Hastings, NY
6.AJ Bennitt (31)Sauna, NY
7.Philip Alaino (78)
Jr Animal Black
1.Sydney Wetherbee (117)Dansville, NY
2.DNFChase Keister (12)Penns Creek, PA
Unlimited 4-Cycle
1.Nick Janvrin (14)Haverhill, MA
2.Rich Skora (78)Eden, NY
3.Joey Scanlon (76)Salem, NH
4.Rich Bentley (73)Spafford, NH
5.Denny Peebles (13)Lowville, NY
6.DNSTommy Markham (21)Constableville, NY
Pro Clone
1.Doug Stearly (3)Hephzibah, GA
2.Jon Keister (17)Mifflinburg, PA
3.Tyler Thompson (98)Fulton, NY
4.Max McLaughlin (8)Romulus, NY
5.Jeremy Tuttle (54)Schoharie, NY
6.Trevor Teats (07)Kreamer, PA
7.Nate Schultzkie (3X)Oswego, NY
8.Kayla Joseph (44)Lockport, NY
9.Devon Tonkin (15)Oswego, NY
10.Lyndsey Thurston (05)Cape Vincent, NY
11.Alex Carmody (41)Horseheads, NY
12.Ryan Kendall (165)Delmar, NY
13.McAndrew Gamrod (22)Honeoye, NY
Count: 134

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